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Family law encompasses a wide range of legal services that affect almost every aspect of life of American families and how they relate to society in general. At Allen & Allen PC, our Shenandoah County family law attorneys assist clients with relationship planning, whether premarital agreements, paternity, adoptions, divorce, and child custody and visitation agreements. We provide comprehensive family law counsel with compassion and a personalized approach to your case.

If your family is going through the transition of divorce and you are unsure of your legal rights, an experienced divorce attorney can help you navigate the rough waters ahead. You will no doubt have a range of questions since most people do not experience a divorce more than once or twice, if that. And since each case is unique, especially if children are involved, engaging in the services of an attorney can be invaluable in asserting your rights and covering all the bases when drafting asset distribution, visitation and support agreements.

Shenandoah County Family Law Advocates

The breakup of a family can be an emotionally challenging time and create much anger and animosity, especially during the child custody and distribution of property portions of the negotiations. The decisions you make now will affect your family's relationships for years to come, so it is important that you understand all of the issues at hand and make well-informed decisions regarding your family's future. This is where staying up to date with current law and having a solid understanding of the family courts can be invaluable in resolving complex divorce cases. Allen & Allen PC, has assisted numerous families with a wide range of legal issues, including:

  • Adoption
  • Child custody
  • Child support
  • Juvenile issues
  • Visitation
  • Divorce
  • Equitable property distribution
  • Spousal support
  • Property settlement agreement
  • Protective orders
  • Spousal abuse

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When faced with important life-changing decisions surrounding family relationships you can rely on our experienced attorneys to guide you through with straightforward, uncomplicated advice. As members of the Virginia Trial Lawyers Family Law Section and the Northern Shenandoah Valley Family Law Bar Association we maintain an up to the minute understanding of Virginia case law and can provide that knowledge and expertise to efficiently and effectively resolving your family law issues.