Mulch Beds and Tree Wells

Mulching may seem straightforward, but doing it correctly will give you the beautiful and captivating curb appeal that everyone desires. If done incorrectly, however, one is bound to be faced with an abundance of weeds and plants that look stunted or downright lifeless. Additionally, mulch loses its vibrancy quickly if not handled properly.

Fresh Cut Lawn Service ensures that its mulches are of the utmost quality and free from any debris or root balls, which can cause issues such as spores on your walls. Before applying this high-grade product, our experienced personnel precisely remove all grasses and weeds, selecting only undesirable plants—not flowers and ground covers.

To truly make your mulch beds pop, our technicians will create a 3-inch edge around the bed to provide crisp definition and delineation. Not only that, but edging also acts as a barrier against grasses or weeds from spilling over from the surrounding turf; heavy downpours won’t wash away any of your hard-earned mulch either! Plus, it makes for easier maintenance in general when distinguishing between turf and mulches.

By selecting the highest-quality mulch from trusted manufacturers, you can be certain that it will maintain its brilliance and color over time. From warmer tones to brighter hues, there is a vast array of colors and wood types available to create your ideal landscape design.

To save yourself time weeding and maintain a neat look, take advantage of slow-release pre-emergent herbicides. These can be scattered around mulch beds to prevent any new weeds or grasses from growing.

Woman using a wheelbarrow full of mulch as she does her gardening
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