Pruning and Shaping

Fresh-Cut Lawn Service offers professional pruning and shaping services for all residential and commercial needs. Our knowledgeable technicians are experts in the care of ornamental shrubs and perennials, always selecting the best time to trim back and shape them. Pruning serves a dual purpose:

  1. Maintenance and shaping: Ensuring your bushes, shrubs, and trees remain within their designated area not only ensures safety but also adds to the overall aesthetic of your property. At Fresh Cut Lawn Service, our technicians understand when pruning is necessary to keep plants healthy and safe from disease, pests, or winter damage. It is similarly important to know the right time for pruning flowering plants; deadwood must be removed so that new growth can take its place. With proper timing and care from our experts at Fresh Cut Lawn Service, you will enjoy more vibrant foliage on all of your greenery!
  2. Hazard Reduction:  Eliminating low-hanging branches above pathways and parking lots reduces the likelihood of an accident. Thinning out overcrowded or decaying tree limbs also prevents future breakage, thus avoiding hazardous situations.
Pruning tree
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